Monday, 11 February 2013

valentines around here ♥

... the paper hearts garland was made using scraps of old marimekko wrapping paper
... in the kitchen window i have heart shaped cookie cutters hanging by baker's twine (♥)
... lucy had fun using glue and sparkles for the first time on her 'love' message
... the three marimekko hearts hanging in the window were made by a friend... first seen at christmas time here
... the felt ball garlands started off as a purse from 'v-v boutique'... i let lucy pick one thing out a few months ago... of course she picked the 'beautiful' felt ball purse... love the rugs and other things that are available... not so much this purse. but for $5 i figured it was a good value for all the felt balls that were sewn onto the purse. last week i decided it was time for the purse to go (the zipper wouldn't even open properly... lucy just wore it around her neck). i counted over 220 balls... online that's about $60 worth of felt balls... so not bad. the two garlands i made used only about half the balls... more projects to come. for now, lucy likes the 'plunk' sound they make as she drops them into metal buckets...

you probably want to see that old purse...


  1. Looks SO nice. I love your tea towels (they're towels right?). We are also planning on framing some of the leftover marimekko wrapping paper from Christmas. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. thanks anu ♥
      yes they are marimekko tea towels :) i got them during the summer at one of the outlets in finland - 'puketti' is one of my very favourite patterns!
      i love framing wrapping paper and tea towels - great pop of colour to a room without a huge budget-commitment!