Wednesday, 27 March 2013

easter around here ♥

... the first and third photo show another little easter craft i came up with as i was inspired by aarikka's 'kirjomunat'... i used paper mache eggs (bought from michael's) and the two wooden eggs are the ones that didn't turn out well when drilling through them for my easter wreath. for a few of the eggs i used masking tape to create crisp lines for stripes. the rest of the eggs were all dipped into white acrylic paint. i placed them in some of lucy's little drinking glasses or on top of bottle caps to let them dry. easy-peasy.

... the last photos show a little surprise that lucy woke up to one morning... a parade of chicks walking and doing somersaults down the stairs! she loooved it ♥ (the chicks were bought from dollarama - $1/pack of 20... they were basically one of the only easter things left on the shelf haha...)


  1. I love the chicks doing somersaults down the stairs - how simple and so sweet.

    1. :D aren't they so funny?! heehee!