Monday, 1 April 2013

happy easter (monday) ♥

we had a great weekend celebrating easter with our family and friends ♥

taking pictures of lucy this year wasn't as easy as last year... 

lucy loves her wooden eggs and has been cracking them, frying them and baking with them over and over...

we gave her a kid's version of the 'story of easter'... somehow i always manage to get emotional when i read kids' versions of really powerful events... authors are able to simplify the stories to the bare essentials yet still portray a strong message - love that! it's important for us to make it clear to lucy why easter is such a special day... bunnies, chicks and eggs are fun... but that's about it... what Jesus did for us so long ago is what it's really all about ♥
(p.s. i bought the book from walmart... i heard a friend read the story to another friend's son... so i rushed to walmart on saturday night knowing i wanted to give it to lucy the next morning... lucky me: it was randomly left on some shelf... and i found it!)

after lucy's nap, she woke up to the surprise of an easter egg hunt! and she loooved it... she had her little basket to collect the eggs in, but basically just opened up them up as she found them, ate the contents or dumped them out and then threw the empty eggs into the basket ha! last year her eggs were filled with chocolate cheerios... this year they were filled with roasted almonds and raisins, annie's white cheddar bunnies (less salt then yellow cheddar...), a mix of annie's bunny cookies, a couple tiny kinder eggs, some stickers and some feathers... the feather were fun since they popped out and floated around...

happy easter to you my friends ♥

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