Wednesday, 29 May 2013

curb appeal in the city: front doors

here are a few exterior doors from around our neighbourhood...

i like them for different reasons... mostly because of their colour, style and character.

great shade of blue. i also love the tiny brass knob on the original screen door.

bright green that ties in with their surrounding plants... love how the one on the left is original to the house yet painted in the same green as the new and modern door on the right.

such a yummy shade of red... not too dark, or bright, or pink, or orange... just right

yellow doors on white houses... and of course yellow flowers to match (!)

 classic black and white

trendy mint

i think it's great how they've 'beefed up' the height of this door 
to work with the existing original windows

i love these old original wooden doors with horizontal panels of glass and wood.

an old screen door paired with an old exterior door... i love when homeowners maintain them and are able to keep them rather than trading them in for something new and 'shiny' 

i love how elegant yet simple this door is with it's round beveled window

although i absolutely love all the old original doors, i'm just as happy with some of the new ones with plain horizontal windows, either frosted or clear.

what would be your 'dream door' for your own home?


  1. What a great gallery of doors! I'm scouring the interwebz for ideas on what colour to paint my front door and landed on your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

    p.s. I'm your newest follower (:

    1. oh i'm glad these photos might help you choose or at least narrow down some of your options for door colours!
      sooo... any idea of what colour you're going to paint your own door?!
      thanks for following ♥