Monday, 13 May 2013

muumi cupcakes - marshmallow fondant moomin cupcakes ♥

muumi kakut
muumi kakku
niiskuneiti kakku
muumimamma kakku
muumipappa kakku
muumi kakkut
muumi kakkut

i had planned to make these all for lucy's birthday party but didn't have time to make them close enough to the party... from what i understood, marshmallow fondant doesn't last very long at room temperature - i was worried that if i made these little moomins too early, they would dry out and crack... however, the one muumi that i did make (as seen among the cupcakes at her party!) ended up lasting over a week (until he hit the trash bin...)

i fell in love with these cupcakes long ago... aren't they perfect? ♥ (and the baker didn't even know of 'moomins' before being asked to make these... somehow she quickly seemed to figure out their funny little bodies)

fondant is fairly expensive to buy... so i searched online for home-made recipes and came across millions of 'marshmallow fondant' recipes... it was so easy to make and turned out really well. 

i love all the characters that the baker made, but i also didn't want to make anything with artificial food dye. the only dye i used was for the eyes (wilton food writers).
moomipappa's hat and muumimamma's purse were made with all natural finnish panda licorice. niiskuneiti's hair and anklet were made using the yellow from allsorts licorice which also contains no artificial flavours or colours. the red used on muumimamma's apron is a cherry nib which unfortunately does contain artificial flavour and colour (i know if i had time i could have found all natural red licorice).

i followed this vanilla cupcake recipe (though i doubled the vanilla extract) and this vanilla frosting recipe (i ended up adding more icing sugar because i found it tasted too buttery). i double lined the cupcakes straight in the muffin tin... they turned out perfectly with just a little bit of the inner white liner showing... but then when i wrapped them in plastic wrap, they for some reason opened right up... oh well.

so we continued the celebrations with lucy and mikko and enjoyed our cupcakes while listening to lucy's muumi tunes ♥

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  1. i love your cupcakes!! I'm very new into muumi's world.. my boyfriend is finnish and i have seen some episodes and i love them now :) ... ill try to do these soon ... sorry for my english.. i hope you understand me.. i speak spanish :)