Friday, 10 May 2013

muumi paperimallit - moomin paper models... out of paint chips

paint chip moomins
paint chip moomin / paperi muumi
paint chip moomin / paperi niiskuneiti
paint chip moomin / paperi pikku myy
paint chip moomin / paperi nuuskamuikkunen
paint chip moomin / paperi muumimamma
paint chip moomin / paperi muumipappa
paint chip moomin / paperi nipsu

i used to make paper models back in university when i was a fine arts major focusing on print... but life happens and somehow i forgot about that little hobby.

then when i came across mer mag's 'paint chip animals friends' last summer, i kept it at the back of my head and thought that eventually i'll think of something to model again.

when it came time to plan lucy's 2nd birthday party (i think it was back in february that i figured out that 'muumi' would be a perfect theme for her), i got a little worried that i wouldn't have enough to decorate with... or maybe it was the perfect 'excuse' to work on some paper models again...

seeing as i wanted to keep costs to a minimum, i went with the ol' paint chips trend and picked up some nice sized pieces at the home depot and canadian tire.

i searched online and in my old comic books for the best profile pictures i could find. i then created my own muumi patterns on scrap paper and then traced them onto the paint chips.
this is where things got a little time-consuming: because i didn't want the back of the paint chips to show, i had to cut two mirror images of each pattern piece... it would have been much easier to buy two-sided scrapbook paper... but the paint chips were free.

most of the models can stand up on their own, but since a few of them are top-heavy, i placed them all on a piece of cardboard and cut slits into specific spots where some of them needed extra standing support.

so they took me quite a while to make... and i don't know if i'll ever use them again... but oh well, i'm able to store them flat inside a little baggie and maybe one day they'll make another appearance... i liked the challenge of making them and sort of getting back to my 'roots' of working with paper ♥

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