Wednesday, 22 May 2013

souvenirs from florida ♥

i did it. i bought the flamingos... the kind you used to see of everyone's lawns back in the 80's... 

i still saw them in someone's yard on sanibel island and thought it would be fun to bring them to our backyard... remember's lucy's 'thing' for flamingos? well they really are everywhere this summer... including all over ikea.

it was pretty funny taking them home in my carry-on with lucy's socks covering their heads (to avoid having the paint scratched).

i don't typically buy souvenirs from the souvenir shops... these little vintage tin plates from 'islander trading post antiques' are perfect for lucy's play kitchen. they're also a nice memory of our beautiful day of picking oranges ♥

p.s. i totally recommend the antique shop - it's jam-packed with great stuff... but it's really well organized and very clean... rare for antique shops around here...


  1. Love the plates Jenny! I think one of our neighbours still has some flamingos in their backyard. :)

    1. aren't they sweet... ♥ i wonder what happened to the cups and tea pot...
      :D ha! i figured they're 'appropriate' (as though i need a reason to add kitsch to our yard! ha!) since there are two in the box and lucy was just turning two after our trip ;) or maybe it's mikko and i?