Tuesday, 18 June 2013

a baby shower in the woods ♥

to celebrate our friend tanja and the upcoming arrival of her baby girl, a few of us friends and the grandmother-to-be arranged a 'woodland' themed baby shower ♥

knowing tanja's love for the outdoors and given our forest-like and beautiful scenic venue, we wanted to bring it all indoors.

the grandmother-to-be, sirkka, and i brought anything and everything that we thought would suit the scene and combined them to make small vignettes and sweet details throughout the space. some old mason jars were filled with moss and craft butterflies and others had pine cones. (that was a funny story: lucy and i noticed tons of pine cones at our local school. so one evening we went to collect them and a lady there noticed and asked if i was getting an early start to christmas decorating! but it's true... i don't ever remember finding pine cones in the spring - normally i've picked them in late-fall. anyway... ) galvanized trays and a plank of old wood were in the center of the dessert table with details such as nests and eggs, antlers, glass birds, woven finnish birch baskets, lily of the valley, vintage model dears and acorns all around. for a modern touch and a hint of spring green (one of the tanja's favourite colours), paper garlands of birds were hung here and there. the marimekko napkins had a pattern of mushrooms on them - perfect for the theme and tanja's love of mushroom picking in finland. the colours of the napkins were complimented by colourful vintage stemware.

the dinner menu consisted mostly of italian foods as a token to tanja's husband's background. relatives and friends prepared a variety of salads including 'insalata caprese' with adorable classic finnish flag picks to hold them together. authentic italian lasagna was ordered from a nonna nearby in the neighbourhood.

the dessert menu on the other hand was made up of classic finnish desserts: mini toskakakkut (almond cake), korvapuustit (cinnamon buns) and täytekakku (strawberries and cream cake). we added a few other funny little details such as acorn cookies (mini chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate kiss and butterscotch chip attached), woodland animal cookies (using these cutters) and strawberry mice (with almond slices as ears and black licorice lace as tails).

we mostly enjoyed our time mingling with each other and watching tanja open gifts. but for a bit of entertainment we played a few games: at the beginning of the shower everyone was given a little wooden bird necklace (the birds were bought from the dollar store; i just drilled a hole through each bird and strung them onto linen thread) and if someone caught you saying the word 'baby', 'girl', 'vauva', 'bambino', or 'shower', they got to take your bird and the person with the most birds at the end of the shower won a prize. since tanja's a bit of a 'foodie', we tested her taste and everyone else's with a baby food game: jars of mystery baby food were labeled a, b, c, d and e and everyone had to guess what the foods were based on colour, scent and flavour (there were toothpicks in a shot-glass labeled 'clean' and one for 'dirty' ones) and wrote their answers on a sheet. throughout tanja's travels she has gained a 'love' for kareoke (!) so i of course wanted to include that quirky little detail in her shower: she sang with the friends into 'pine cone and stick' microphones 'isn't she lovely' and 'can't take my eyes off of you'. lastly we played a game where independently everyone had to match woodland animals with their babies (e.g. dear - fawn) - that turned out to be quite tricky - yet educational - ha!

it was a lovely shower and i just can't wait to meet the little baby herself ♥

(we found out i was pregnant with lucy in the fall and so she was called 'baby acorn'... planning this shower reminded me of my own baby acorn ♥ i'm so glad she'll soon have a new little girl friend ♥)

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