Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'hey'... rope light art

lucy and i felt like surprising mikko with a little jazz on our backyard porch - we would love to be able to redo the porch itself (and soon enough it will really need to come down) - but for now we'll just make it as sweet as can be without spending a lot. this was our easy-peasy little spring project:

i bought outdoor rope lighting from target's clearance section (i think they cost about $5). the package also included the necessary plastic clips and screws needed for attaching the lights to our wooden fence. i roughly laid out the word 'hey' on the ground just to make sure that i had enough lighting for the whole word. the package also came with plastic tightner straps so where you see that the tubing overlaps and loops, i've used a tightner to attach the two. letter by letter i drilled the plastic clips onto the fence and attached the rope lighting.

there you have it: some fun lighting just in time for dusk ♥

p.s. please make sure to also use an 'outdoor' extension cord


  1. Very fun Jenny! It kind of reminds of something western - I keep seeing/reading "howdy" when I look at it. :)

    1. ha! well howdy y'all! ;) i guess it does kind of look westernish - especially since the old fence looks like barn board...