Sunday, 9 June 2013

karva & eija's home sweet home ♥

like uncle like niece... we're both avid 'collectors'... 

my uncle 'karva' and his wife eija have some really great finnish design pieces in their home. ok... so they actually have a *lot* of great pieces... and although it all looks like a million-bucks... i have to tell you, he hasn't bought a single piece at regular price... i think they've all been bought at thrift stores, auctions and even taken from the side of the road and from dumpsters... he's has some really good places where he regularly finds the goods... but of course, i can't tell you where... (!)

karva setä is an amazing contrebassiste and recently retired from the finnish radio symphony orchestra.
lucy had her own private performance ♥

artist kosti ahonen's painting of my grandparents' home. ahonen was my mummi and pappa's neighbour.
the antique table: he found that at a dumpster... he initially saw it but then left it and ended up going back to get it. his son's friend saw it sitting here at their entrance and said ' i saw that in the dumpster too but it was gone when i went to go pick it up!'

so i may not have the 'aunt with the attic full of treasures' - but i do have an uncle with a house full of treasures (!) i love listening to the stories of where he has found things or how he has acquired them.

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