Monday, 3 June 2013

muumi puvut - moomin costumes ♥

these are the muumi costumes i made for lucy's birthday party.
they were super easy and inexpensive to make:

-for muumi, niiskuneiti, muumimamma and nipsu i wrapped headbands in scraps of ribbon, cut out some ears and hot glued them to the headbands... headbands: $1 for 2; ribbon: i've taken the handles off shopping bags; wool ears: leftover scraps; nipsu's ears were scraps of brown jersey fabric (from another costume) stretched onto wire; niiskuneiti's hair was left over scraps from lucy's doll.

-all the tails were made using the same shopping bag ribbon and left over wool. nipsu's tail was made from the jersey fabric.

-lucy had a perfect bracelet to use as niiskuneiti's golden anklet and i had a little black purse for muumimamma that i've had since prom.

-muumipappa's hat and cane came from thrift stores: $2 for the hat and $3 for the cane.

-nuuskamuikkunen's hat was made using a wool vest that i had shrunken down and felted a few months ago - i literally used the whole vest: the rim was made with the bottom hem of the vest with a wire passed through it to hold the round shape; the arm holes and neck hole were sewn shut and that became the body of the hat. the vest cost $2 or $3. i then stuck a feather in the hat. i already owned a green scarf and the harmonica came from the dollar store.

-i bought a t-shirt from a thrift store ($1) and made pikku myy's classic little bun and used a scrap of fabric for her bow-tie.

-it was a funny little moment when i realized i was cutting muumimamma's apron using my muumimamma scissors ♥ the striped fabric came from ikea: half a meter made one adult-sized apron and two child-sized aprons (the second was given as a gift to lucy's friend 'm')

i loved dressing up in costumes as a kid... and so far lucy enjoys it as well ♥

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