Thursday, 19 September 2013

curb appeal in the city... overall inspiration

there are a lot of different homes in our neighbourhood that i like and appreciate for different reasons. here are just a few examples of ones that i enjoy 'overall'...

this one is a new-build and i suppose pretty trendy... but i still like it. i like the contrast of the cold, hard grey with the warm cedar. i image they get a ton of sunlight through their many windows. and of course i love the dark window frames.

before this house went on the market, the previous owner did a few quick fixes that made such a difference to it's curb appeal: they built a new deck, enclosed the ends of the deck, build the partial fence (they are next to a laneway), planted several varieties of tall ornamental grasses, and added the adorable lamp and mirrored house number. they had also staged it with a couple of adorable and kitchy turquoise solair chairs.

this is the side yard of a century-old house. the house itself is higher up, so a garage has been built into the ground with an enclosed patio above it. i love how perfectly the patio enclosure and fence have been built, and as always, i love the contrast of the dark, warm grey with the cedar gate and bright green surroundings.

so i think i like rooftop gardens, but i don't understand how they work... how does the roof support all the extra weight? and how do actually maintain it?

though i tend to prefer a lot of dark coloured homes' exteriors (in contrast to light and bright colours on the inside), there are some really beautiful light coloured homes that i also love. classic white with black trims is pretty safe style-wise, but my dad who is a doors and windows installer really discourages it simply because of the maintenance required. 

though i wouldn't choose such a classic look for my own home or such a bold colour as green, i do love having a variety of styles to look at and admire.

these are homes that i love because the owners have worked with what they have. they haven't made any huge changes to layouts or the construction of the houses, but by painting or changing windows and doors, the houses appear well loved and maintained.

this house has always reminded me of medeline... i don't know why... but i like it.

if i were to live in an apartment, i would live here. love that window enclosed space.

please don't mind some funny details such as yard waste bags and random things here and there... these are just pictures i've snapped on our walks and this is how the owners live... in fact, i've got a yard waste bag sitting on my porch right now.

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