Friday, 13 September 2013

curb appeal in the city: walkways and steps

we've had to do quite a bit of work on the front of our house since moving in a few years ago. the walkway of pavers, cement and porch step have been pretty ridiculous so far... these are photos i took for inspiration last fall when we rushed to get some work done at our house before the frost.

some examples of large pavers available at big-box stores.
pretty easy to lay - similar to using large scale tiles over small ones in a bathroom or kitchen

i love the variety of sizes used here and how they seem to fit perfectly together. i especially like that they've already aged and have some moss growing between the cracks

these are somehow really cute and quirky for their shape, colour and size.

this isn't a walkway, but i love how 'green' this driveway appears. the owner has laid grass in the middle section and because bricks were used, there is now some grass also growing within the cracks.

although these steps look kind of cute, i wonder how practical they are? do any of the pieces on the edge ever fall off? is it easy to shovel snow off?

i like the use of these wooden 'landings' (i don't know what i'd call these)... it creates a nice contrast between the wood and pebbles.

in this yard, they created what looks like a wooden dock nestled among high ornamental grasses

wood is always a cheaper option than stone... though i know some people don't like how it weathers and changes over time... these two examples have a similar idea of combining the steps into the planters

this one is completely different... round pavers used as steps going up a pretty steep hill

 i love these examples of walkways where they have reused old bricks. i especially love the patterns used in the last two photos.

is anybody else going to rush out and get some work done before the frost?!... just a heads-up: it might hit us already tonight...

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