Thursday, 26 September 2013

sienijakkara... diy mushroom stool...

i've always loved the image of 'kärpässienet', the red mushrooms with white polka-dots... of course they don't quite look like that in real life, but i like the cartoon version of them.

i have such a distinct memory of seeing one of these stools in someone's room when i was little... it's such a classic piece of furniture for any finnish kid's room. it can be used as a stool for sitting on, as a night table or even for tea parties... but i have no idea whose room i saw it in as a kid, but i think i've loved it ever since ♥

the idea is to one day make a wooden one for lucy (i think the vintage ones are pretty hard to come across in finland)... but for now, i've settled with a little diy version...

so. simple.

i used ikea's mammut stool as the base and ikea's hildis fabric for the cover.

i cut a circle of fabric measuring 15 3/4" across (i used a tape measure to measure the length across the top from one leg to another). then i serged the edges to keep them from fraying. lastly, i sewed a 25" elastic around the edge. basically i just made a couple of shower caps. yep. 

back story: the idea only came to me because i had planned to buy two of the little white stools for lucy to use outside alongside our white ikea p.s. vago chairs... i had the chairs in my cart and popped by the fabric department. there was only a little scrap of this fabric left. i dropped in the cart, on top of the packaged stools... and tah-dah... mushroom stools. and get this: there was *just* enough fabric for the diameter...

lucy has a new-found-love for her sieni laukku (mushroom purse) that my mom had bought her last summer in finland... so she thought it was pretty funny to pose with her purse on the stools... her thing to say right now is 'sama' (same) and she of course got excited when she made the connection and shouted 'sama!' ♥

hmm... let's see if any of my finnish friends will reply with 'i have one of those!! it was in my room you played in as a kid!'

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