Tuesday, 10 December 2013

christmas advent wooden dowel tree

last year i posted about lucy's advent calendar - it was basically a birch branch hanging on the wall with little cotton bags strung on.

this year we reused the numbered bags (i still love them! - from penny paper co.) but were finally able to use the wooden dowel tree we started last year (!)

years ago i fell in love with the danish wooden dowel tree ('filigrantrae') by trine and peter find. i thought we would maybe have to have a fake tree at one point when lucy was scooting around, so this was the most beautiful option i came across - i just love it! i love the simple and clean lines, the fact that it is made of birch and can be easily stored away.

here are a couple of other examples of dowel trees: here and here.

last year we made the tree in a hurry when i was trying to get it done for our church's christmas concert... we used these instructions as a guideline but royally failed when we tried to drill the holes straight. (i'll show you sometime what we ended up doing instead)

this year we started with a new centre dowel (it's actually a 'closet pole'). mikko and my dad laid the dowel flat on the porch outside and drilled perfectly straight holes - they took their time! a drill press would have made the job much easier!! (check out my friend anu's tree - she said that using a drill press was like drilling through butter!)

it's a perfect design for a tree because you can decide how long you want each 'branch' to be and how far to space them apart. the space for our tree is tight - as you can see in the photos, it's at the end up our bed, right between the closet door and a dresser. but it fights perfectly - the chair that is normally there is now under our window. every morning lucy runs into our room and feels each bag until she finds one that is filled (i have to fill them one at a time otherwise she would empty them all!). then she crawls into our bed to find her new toy.

last year after christmas i bought the playmobil nativity scene and the three wise men for half price! i hid them away for a year and now lucy is slowly collecting a piece per day in her advent bags. on the first of december we gave her a book with the story of jesus' birth. i think we've read the story everyday as she gets a new piece to add to the scene. she likes playing with them and acting out the story. yesterday when she got a cow, she ran over to an another playmobil animal set and took the hay from it and brought it to the cow in the manger ♥ she seems to have a very good understanding of the story and has also explained that the cow and donkey need to eat the hay because soon baby jesus will be sleeping the animal trough ♥

p.s. the angel on the dresser is a decoration i have had in my room for christmas since i was a little girl ♥


  1. The tree turned out great! Love the little advent bags and the simple red ornaments.

    1. thank you! yes, much better than last year - ha!
      i got the red ornaments from ikea years ago... lucy likes them because they're actually soft and velvety ;)