Monday, 16 December 2013

christmas tree in a glass jar ♥

growing up i always had my own christmas tree in my room. it was a fake tree with fake snow on it... we alternated years between pink lights and multicoloured lights.

i promised lucy she could have her own tree this year. so when we picked our tree from my parents' property, we also dug up a few extra little trees - two for our front porch and one for lucy's room.

last year my mom had dug up a little tree, washed off the roots and placed the whole tree in a vintage jar - i loved it! so i did the same in lucy's room this year though on an even smaller scale.

there are a few little vintage balls hanging from it and some adorable little metal angels that i bought years ago from finland.

i like the idea that we'll actually be able to replant the tree since the roots are completely intact.

if you plan to do the same, make sure to dig wide enough to reach all the roots. roots on evergreens tend to spread out close to the surface of the ground rather than deep into the soil. then place your little sapling in a bucket with water. i left mine overnight so that the soil could defrost and fall off on its own. the next day i simply rinsed off the roots in the bucket and dumped the muddy water outside. to help keep mold away from your sapling's roots, you should change the water every few days.

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