Saturday, 28 December 2013

golden himmeli and black himmeli

'himmelit' are everywhere now... 

traditionally made in finland of straw or reed, these christmas mobiles are popping up all over - in fact, the latest place i saw them hanging was at j.crew.

i can't remember where i first saw these brass versions, but i've loved them for a few years now... they're out of my price range - though i totally understand their price - they're beautiful and brass tubing has gone up in value.

the only place i've found brass tubing available is from 'hobby lobby' in the states... and they aren't particularly cheap either

last year i searched everywhere for brass coloured drinking straws... but didn't find them anywhere... until this year (!)... well, i guess they're gold but i think that's the closest i'll find. and for a dollar i was pretty happy - thanks to the christmas section! i also found the black drinking straws from the dollar store.

my mom and every other finn her age remember making traditional himmeli mobiles in school. but she said it wasn't considered a 'true' himmeli unless there were figures inside of other figures. for example in the golden himmeli, there is one octahedron inside another.

the golden himmeli is a particular pattern that pops up everywhere now; i doubt that it's traditional, but it's one of my favourites (this was also hanging at j.crew). the black mobile is one that i copied from here - i absolutely love its simplicity yet boldness. 

i didn't follow any instructions for my mobiles, though there are plenty of diagrams and videos available online. i had fun figuring them out on my own.

i know the golden himmeli will come down after christmas time... but i think i'll have a hard time taking the black one down... i just love it... but for finns that would be like keeping christmas lights up all year round...

in the photos i've also included lucy's and my 'christmas craft' - the wooden bead 'tonttu' ('elf'). we made these a couple of weeks ago with our finnish mom-and-tot play group ('aiti-lapsi kerho'). originally i had thought of making simple 'aarikka' versions since some of the kids and their parents are familiar with these - but there wouldn't have been very much 'child involvement' - hence the beaded bodies. some kids had fun just sorting the beads and others were able to string them on pipe cleaners all by themselves. these wooden beads are also from that same amazing dollar store where the straws came from. 

in the background you can also see our family's growth chart - it was a mother's day gift from lucy and mikko. i love that it's completely portable and can be rolled up in a tube if we ever move. i wish we still had the doorway growth chart from when i was growing up... lucy loves measuring herself but of course refused to pose this time... so onni stepped in - after all, his measurements are also on the chart ♥

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  1. That is very cute and gave me an inspiration for next year. But I was curious if you remember and could share the name and brand of the color you had for your nursery. Thank you!