Sunday, 8 December 2013

jouluinen muumimaailma ♥ christmassy moominland

this was a beautiful idea i saw last year from a cousin in b.c. - her version used these same ikea 'strala' light-up snowy trees. but instead of a gingerbread house, she had made a paper model of the blue muumi house!

the 'strala' trees have been for sale at ikea for quite a few years and at the end of last year they were on sale for maybe $5? so i finally got them! and right beside them they had these light-up gingerbread houses on sale for $1!

lucy's nani gave her the wooden aarikka 'tonttu' (elf) last year for christmas and i've had the ceramic arabia moomins since i was little.

lucy absolutely loved the surprise i had set up in her bedroom! she turns the lights on every morning as soon as she wakes up (since it's still dark in her room) and again when she is getting ready for bed. i have them set up on her dresser; she has three 'alex' drawer units side by side - their height is perfect for a toddler and the drawers are easy for her to pull out and push back in - great for independence.