Thursday, 12 December 2013

lucy's christmas joke...

lucy was very excited the other night when mikko came home from work... she ran to him, laughing so hard she could barely speak... "meidan joulukuusella on hame päällä!" ('our christmas tree is wearing a skirt!') ♥

we didn't have a proper tree skirt - last year i just wrapped a piece of linen around the base. when i saw this tree skirt printed with triangles, i decided to make my own.

for the fabric i used an old white curtain. i cut the circle as large as i could and what i thought would be a good sized tree skirt for our tree. then i cut an inner circle large enough so that the skirt would fit around our tree stand and so that the opening at the back would overlap slightly. i then serged the outer edge with black thread.

out came my ol' potato printing skills... i went to the store and bought the biggest yam i could find - potatoes weren't big enough; even the yam i had to cut lengthwise in half. then i cut the largest triangle possible and printed the outer circle of triangles using fabric paint. then i just cut the edges of the potato a little smaller and printed the second circle. and once again, cut the triangle even smaller and printed the inner circle of triangles. i could have kept going into the centre of the skirt but ran out of time... i did this all our our tiled kitchen floor - i knew the fabric paint would leak through the cloth and tile floors are easy to wipe down... but this meant painting in the kitchen when lucy was finally asleep.

after the printing was done, i cut a slit from the outer edge into the centre hole. i then serged the edges of the centre hole and the opening of the skirt.

i was going to sew buttons for the closure but right now it is just pinned shut.

it was a super easy project but the printing itself took a while to do... i wish i could have found an even bigger yam (!)

p.s. guess who decorated the bottom of the tree with her plastic red christmas balls? ♥ she was so excited to be in charge of it and crawled all over to get them just 'right' ♥

p.p.s. yet another 'scandinavian christmas tree' - rather bare... and maybe a little funny! it's actually the top third of a whole tree from my parents' property.

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