Friday, 20 December 2013

piparkakku lelu ♥ gingerbread toy

this is a simple little toy using something you probably already have at home: gingerbread cookie cutters. growing up we only ever had the classic swedish shapes; it used to annoy me that we didn't have the 'north american gingerbread man' - he's a little rounder and plumper in shape. of course the swedish cookie cutters are what i now relate to when making gingerbread cookies and i'm happy to share these iconic images with lucy ♥

we baked finnish 'piparkakkuja' a few weeks ago (much like gingersnaps - a less spiced version of 'gingerbread cookies') and lucy absolutely loved the whole process - she's often with me in the kitchen and still uses her learning tower.

for this little toy i simply traced each of the cookie cutters onto brown cardboard and cut each 'cookie' out. i bought a round cardboard box from the dollar store, traced lucy's favourite cookie cutter, the dala horse, on top of the lid and a surprise heart on the inside of the lid and then added some polka dots. all of the cookie cutters and cardboard cookies fit inside the box.

lucy's beautiful set of wooden eggs was an easter gift. the little wooden rolling pin (which is actually really great and i've used it for small jobs while baking) and wooden whisk came in a package with several other wooden utensils and was a gift last christmas (i've seen them for sale at st. lawrence market). the other pieces have all been thrifted. after cutting out her cookies, she of course baked them in her little mint kitchen.

sorry, i can't post too many photos of lucy actually baking with her new toy... she wasn't wearing anything other than the oven mitt!

this is something else i've done with a couple of old gingerbread cutters - they have some rust on them so i won't use them for baking anymore - but they're kind of cute for a washroom sign!

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