Saturday, 14 December 2013

polka dots and little trees ♥

our front entrance looks pretty well the same as last year... 

with the addition of red white polka dot pillows! i used the same 'hildis' fabric as i did for lucy's toadstools to sew new covers for our pillows.

i brought two little trees from my parents' property: one for the basket (i loved this idea) and one for the galvanized bucket on the table. i also brought home some moss and a moss covered piece of wood. the deer came in a package of thrifted animals i had once bought lucy - but they were all scuffed and scratched so i just spray painted them and used them as a fun little detail for lucy to see ♥

the branches in the planter were actually just some off-cuts from our huge christmas tree - we only kept the top third portion as our tree!

again i used christmas lights in the lanterns - it's so simple and easy for me to do on my own - no standing on a latter or spacing anything out evenly; in fact, if the strand of lights gets in a knot while in storage, no problem, you don't really have to fix it.
if you're wondering how i actually passed the cord from one lantern to the other: i have ikea's 'borrby' lanterns. each of the sides pops right off (if i remember right, you have to assemble them when you purchase them). so i popped off the bottom back brackets, stuffed the lantern with some lights and left the cord along the bottom edge and just pushed the side back on. there is just enough of a gap for the cord to fit through the sides.

notice my favourite 'photo-bomber' in the first photo? ♥

december 6th we celebrated finland's independence day - lucy waved her finnish flag proudly outside and then placed it in a lantern for others to see our patriotism ;)

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