Saturday, 18 January 2014

the doctor is in...

she's my favourite doctor ♥

lucy has been very interested in 'role playing'. she loves 'shopping', 'cooking', 'baking', 'cleaning' (though she really does actually clean... but it's still a game for her!), and most of all being a 'mama'.

she went to visit her doctor about a month ago and since then has been interested in the tools and things she has seen doctors use. perfect timing to make her a 'doctor's kit'.

when i was little, playing doctor involved this kit and this one. there are beautiful toy doctor's kits available such as this and this, but i figured it was a simple little project for me to make for lucy.

some of the pieces came from thrifting in the toy section, others were found around the house. to come to think of it... i actually have an old digital thermometer i can trade for this toy one... and i'll probably switch the 'needle' to a needle-less syringe. if i come across an inexpensive real stethoscope or if anyone offers their old one (!) - i'd be happy to trade in the fakey. i should probably add a tongue depressor and a mask as well.

making the case itself was fun. i used some scrap cotton to make the bag, a piece of red wool felt, black cotton twill tape (from an old shopping bag) and some black buttons. pretty well free. lucy always has to do everything 'itse' ('by myself') and buttons are one of her favourites. the strap is adjustable as i left holes on each side where the strap can be tied tighter or looser knots.

to finish off her doctor's kit, we bought her a little white shirt from the thrift store - she had no idea why i was making her try white shirts at the store, but i'm glad we did since she loves wearing it like her real doctor does.

it's nice to have a doctor in the family ♥


  1. Hello from Alberta! :) Nice blog. Enjoyed all the Finnish stuff. :)

    1. thank you!! ha! i was born in calgary...