Monday, 16 June 2014

an ice cream birthday party ♥

more photos and details...

when it's cold, windy and raining outside - who still loves ice cream? our little lucy ♥

we celebrated lucy's 3rd birthday in april with an ice cream themed party!

i designed the layout of our invitations and saved a lot of time and energy by purchasing this ice cream truck clipart. then i simply cut and pasted an adorable happy photo of lucy onto each of the trucks - she giggled when she noticed them :)

lucy and her daddy share a birthday. typically mama and daughter might have matching outfits, but i wanted to find something special for the these two 'synttärisankarit' (birthday girl & boy) - cheesy? i know... but i love what i found for them! for lucy i got a marimekko 'essumekko' (apron dress) in their classic 'piccolo' pattern (for a fraction of the cost from an online auction site). for mikko i got a newer version of the 'jokapoika' shirt in the same black and white 'piccolo' pattern - 'jokapoika mr.' ('jokapoika mr.' was on clearance since they've changed the name to 'jokamies')
lucy and i wore our matching mint coloured necklaces... although mikko and lucy may share a birthday, lucy and i share a birth time! seriously. i was born at 9:13pm in calgary. there is a two-hour time difference between toronto and calgary: toronto time was 11:13pm... the exact time that lucy was born in toronto - seriously.
out of 365 days in a year, lucy was born on the same day as mikko. out of 1 440 minutes in a day, lucy was born at the exact same time as me. cool right? i know.
i also wore some marimekko - a vintage dress from 1976.

as guests were arriving, we played a few 'ice cream games' in the backyard...
-'ice-cream-and-scoop-race': the invitation asked guests to bring an ice cream scoop to the party. kids started at one end of the backyard and raced their way to the other end while balancing a ball of 'ice cream' (styrofoam ball painted to look like ice cream) on their scoops. the kids were so serious - it was adorable! (much like an 'egg-and-spoon-race')

then there were a few games they could rotate around...
-'ice cream ball toss': they tossed 'sprinkles' (bouncy balls) onto the ice cream cone. some of the kids were more interested in the mechanics of the game than the game itself - mikko had made a ramp at the back for the balls to roll down and for kids to collect.
-'ice cream cone bowling': we placed 'pins' (ice cream cones) on the ground and kids used 'bowling balls' (balls the colours of ice cream) to knock down the 'pins'. there were extra cones in the bucket for when they broke and got crushed.
-chalk and bubbles: they never get old.

as we waited for the burgers, kids played 'pin-the-cherry-on-the-ice-cream' inside. i've loved bringing this classic gave to all of lucy's parties: 'pin-the-smile-on-the-sunshine' and 'pin-the-tail-on-muumi'. this year some of her friends were brave enough to actually wear a blindfold (!)

later on we went back outside to break the 'ice cream piñata'. to make the piñata i followed this tutorial but was inspired by these mini piñatas. i used mint and gold tissue paper on the outside (i cut strips out and cut the slits myself... i don't know if you can buy rolls already sliced?) and mint easter-stuffing on the inside (lucy's birthday was at a convenient time). i kept it simple with the actual treats: candy necklaces (lucy learned from her friends to use her teeth to open them...) and chocolates from ikea.

for decorating, i used some bunting, ice cream posters and a pinterest fail (!)
i made circles and triangles bunting for the windows and banister using a variety of scrapbooking paper (on sale for $1/5 sheets at michaels). i made a few diy 'ice cream posters' and also used some images i found online (of course these were all for personal use and are not intended for the purpose of selling). i used this free printable of an ice cream cone to make a banner for our front door and for hanging across some shelving (i used the image on some of the loot bag goods as well). i made some tiny little mini ice cream cones for our nesting dolls, my wedding cake toppers and our porcelain 'onni' dog using craft paper for the cone and a pompom for the ice cream (yes... i know... a bit much, but i liked making them). 
my pinterest fail? these beauties. they seemed so simple. helium balloon. craft paper. string. fail. they didn't float. at all. so when i tried looking for other's photos, they were all just sad looking little ice cream cones sitting on the floor or taped to things. that's not what i wanted. so the ice cream coloured, pastel balloons were left bare.

when it came time to eat and drink, we used some sweet looking tableware...
i used mint coloured paper straws and wrapped little post-it notes around them (the straws were on sale for 30 cents in the st. patty's day section at target. i ripped off the clover leaves and had to cover the glue marks. the post-it notes were in their $1 section). lucy helped decorate the basic white cups by sticking little dot stickers on each one ($1/12 cups or plates at walmart and the dots came from the dollar store). we used the adorable napkins and party hats from the the 'oh joy' collection at target. i happened to find the 'perfect' ice cream cups at homesense for those that preferred cups over cones. at some point i came across these wooden spoon flags - and just had to make them for lucy's party - i loved them (!)

we filled our bellies with some of lucy's favourites... and new favourites (!)...
some snacks included sweet & salty popcorn, annie's bunnies and bugles - i always had bugles at my parties as a kid and remembered their ice-cream-cone-shape when planning for lucy's party (turns out that dollarama is the only store in canada with the right to sell them... yes, i did have to research that)... now lucy loves them (and i don't?). for the main meal we had homemade burgers on homemade buns (so worth the effort!) and 'ranskasia' ('ranskalaisia' - french fries) and sweet potato fries on the side. for dessert we of course had ice cream: several flavours (vanilla wasn't even touched!) served on little mini cones (or cups) with several different toppings. we also served another classic that i always had at my birthday parties: wafer cookies in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavour. italian lace cookies were also suiting to the ice cream theme. days before the party, lucy had asked me to make her a 'mansikka kakku' (strawberry cake) - i thought the ice creams would have been enough for dessert, but after going to so many other birthday parties this spring, i think she wanted the classic cake ♥

lucy absolutely loves giving gifts to her friends ♥ she is such a giving little girl and was thrilled to make loot bags for her friends. we used white paper bags and these free printables for the little tags on each bag. the bags were filled with all sort of little ice cream 'trinkets': wooden ice cream trucks (i only had enough for the boys), hair clips (so the girls got these in place of the trucks), scratch-and-sniff stickers, bouncy balls and bubbles. for each of lucy's friends, i made personalized little money purse. for the youngest guests i made '... i scream' bibs (and the boys got ikea's little ice cream cone sand sets and the girls got little head bands). i also included an activity for home: a little bottle of sprinkles, some ziplock bags and instructions on how to make ice cream in a bag. 

after most of her guests had gone home, all lucy wanted to do was blow some of her ice cream bubbles... and now that she's three, she was able to blow them all by herself ♥
(she was also able to put her own shoes on - on the wrong feet, yes  - all by herself)


  1. Very nice! What an unbelievable amount of work must've gone into those little coin purses!

    1. thank you!
      ;) little pouches with little zippers are a little tricky...
      but lucy's friends are so worth it ♥

  2. Lovely party and beautiful decorations! Great inspiration for my daughter's 2nd birthday party in August. Where did you find the wooden ice cream trucks and stickers?

    1. thank you isabell!!
      i actually bought the ice cream trucks last summer at target... i already had the 'ice cream' them in mind so i started collecting early ;)
      i bought the stickers from mastermind - i've seen them available at several toy stores and book stores.

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  4. adorable ice cream party! the piñata and the gifts were super... you are a genius party :) .. one question . .. what camera do you use? all your photos have amazing quality

    1. thank you alejandra!! i had fun making the pinata! - it was time consuming yes, but fairly simple to make.
      oh my camera is nothing special! it's an old nikon - eight years old! and then a few years ago we bought a new lense for it - a "prime lense"... it focuses everything in the foreground and blurs everything in the background. it doesn't zoom at all which means you have to move around a lot with the camera itself - F 1.8 is the minimum Fstop.

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